The Blue Mind Company is a boutique consulting business that provides advisory and mentoring services and works with founders, executives and managers in the start-up and scale-up ecosystems, corporate innovation and the gig- and flex work ecosystems.​

We mentor, coach, advise and are a discussion partner/sparring partner. Whether it is making your business thrive, scaling your business to new heights, or simply giving you the freedom to do more of the things you enjoy most, we want to help you overcome those things holding you back from taking action and achieving these goals and your dreams. ​

It is our ambition to support you in untapping your full potential, so you become someone with the power to act and to make things happen. We make it our highest mission to have you experience how not only your business will change, but also -more importantly- how your life will change.​

Let’s connect and discuss how I can help you to never accept the status quo and get going (again) or beat the system. There is a better way! Together we can explore your route to success. ​

A little introduction of myself   ​

Building is what I do best and get energized by. Whether it is building relationships and trust and consequently deals, innovative ideas and products, or alignment and enthusiasm among colleagues. ​

I am an authentic entrepreneurial spirit, a quick thinker and a bin full of ideas who excels in identifying opportunities within a complex international environment. Opportunities that I orchestrate in a multiple stake holder environment and bring to the finish line with a can-do-mentality as part of a long-term vision and strategy. My ability to quickly comprehend complex matter and make it understandable and insightful for a broader audience has contributed to my successes

Rink blue mind company
Rink blue mind company

Furthermore, my strengths lie in inspiring and enthusing teams and people, challenging sticky patterns and coming up with practical and workable alternatives with an interest in people and their needs. The challenges of life have triggered me to re-invent myself on several occasions over recent years, to come out as a more complete and mature person and professional. 

I perform best in a professional international, dynamic and innovative environment with room for unconventional ideas and change. ​

Rienk Franken is a seasoned banking professional, carrying a wealth of experience in finance, funding solutions, DeFi, derivatives, cash mgt, M&A and Equity Capital Markets, who after a successful career in finance and investment banking, has been able to re-invent himself. Not only as a specialist in (corporate) innovation, but also as an entrepreneur, amongst others by the successful creation of Payday, an instant payment solution for the gig economy, but also by developing himself a mentor and coach for startups in the Techstars and Startup Bootcamp acceleration programs and other business professionals who are facing a status quo.​

Building Payday


  • According to the DARE methodology, a combination of Lean startup, Design Thinking and Agile, we’ve build from a 2 cowboys founding team with a blank sheet of paper to a 17+FTE team running an actual business, with actual clients and significant revenues. ​
  • A solution enabling instant payout of gig- and flex workers with a front-end app, web-based database and admin panel, dedicated API connections, instant payment engine and embedded financing of our clients​
  • All the way through the innovation Funnel Prove Problem, to Prove Solution and Prove the Pay, towards Prove Scales and actual scaling plus exit​
  •  The team includes product owners, developers, UX design & validation, scrum master, finance, operations & sales with​
Gig -Economy
Corporate Venture Building
Startup Ecosystem